Put your business into the hands of your customers

Text Message Marketing for Retail

Using text message marketing for retail businesses can greatly impact your bottom line when used properly.

If you want to keep your customers up to date with your latest sales promotions, new product arrival, events or anything at all that you want to inform people about, you can use mobile marketing to put that message into the palm of your customer’s hands…literally.

Slow day at the store? Is the rain keeping people away? Send out a message to your list with something like “One day sale. Everything in the store is on sale up to 30% off. Today only! “. Nothing like creating some limited time good deals on your product to get people into your store! You couldn’t do that with print advertising and email marketing won’t have the same impact. 95% of text messages get read within 15 minutes of receiving them. Email may be days later if read at all.

Send out mobile coupons (they’re paperless and they’re GREEN!) promoting your next sale on that big shoe or clothing shipment you just got in.

How can I use text message marketing for retail more effectively?

  • Post in-store signage in change rooms, at the register, throughout the store,and anywhere you are currently advertising (print,radio,events,etc) inviting customers to “join our V.I.P savings club and keep up to date on our latest sales and events and receive a mobile coupon for 15% off your next purchase instantly”.
  • Hold contests using our “text to win” or “text to vote” features to build your list enticing customers to subscribe and give away some of your product for them to try out, fall in love with and tell their friends about.
  • Hold special offers such as free shipping or free gift bag to all of your subscribers

How text messsage marketing for retail works

Your customer sees / hears your mobile call to action from in store signage or other form of advertising. They respond to the offer to join your VIP club & receive a mobile coupon by texting your keyword to 54500 which gets directed to our system.

Your customer instantly receives the mobile coupon or confirmation message that they have joined your V.I.P club.This message may include links to websites with product information,videos, promotional material,maps to your location, etc.

You log into your Rev Mobile Marketing account to view stats of subscribers,messages and downloads your account has received. Then broadcast other messages to your list to promote other sales and events!

The whole process is really only limited to your imagination so think of other creative ways to use our system and watch your sales grow!

Want to try out the system? Text “RETAILERS” to 555444 now!

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