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Text Message Marketing For Restaurants

It looks like it might be another slow evening at your restaurant. Maybe it’s because Tuesdays are always slow or maybe that torrential downpour outside has something to do with it. Either way, it isn’t good for business, and you need to get some people in and ordering food and drinks.SMS Marketing for Restaurants

If only there was a way that you could quickly get out a 2 for 1 coupon to a few hundred of your customers.Surely, that would help get some hungry mouths to feed through the doors and into your seats, right?

Well, now there is. Sign up with Rev Mobile Marketing today and start building your text messaging list. The next time a slow and rainy Tuesday comes, you’ll be prepared to blast out a message right as people are thinking about what to do for dinner and get people into your restaurant washing away the Tuesday blues…(or any day blues for that matter).

Text “RESTAURANTS” to 555444 right now.

One of the most amazing things with SMS marketing is the rate at which text messages get opened. 95% of text messages are open and read within 15 minutes of receiving them! That is super powerful and translates into BIG things for your restaurant or cafe. If you want people to know about your promotion NOW, they will know about it within seconds of you hitting “send”. What other type of medium can deliver that?

That’s cool and all, but you might be asking yourself “How can I use text message marketing for restaurants more effectively?”

  • Post in-store signage at the front greeting station, at the register, throughout your restaurant, in washrooms and anywhere you are currently advertising (print,radio,events,etc) inviting customers to “join our V.I.P savings club and keep up to date on our latest sales and events.You’ll receive a mobile coupon for a 2 for 1 entree off your next purchase instantly”.Your offer could be anything you want it to be.
  • Add a sense of urgency and send coupons out 2 hours before lunch or dinner and have coupons expire within a few hours or later that day.
  • Hold a contest and give away one free meal every day or week.
  • Send out mouth watering photos or even better, SEND A VIDEO to tempt people to come and eat your delicious food.
  • Send out today’s specials.
  • If you have live entertainment or special events, let patrons know who is performing tonight or highlights coming up this week!

How text message marketing for restaurants works

mobile marketing for restaurantsYour customer hears / sees your mobile “call to action” from in store signage or other form of advertising. They respond to your offer to join your V.I.P club or to receive a free appetizer / soft drink / 2 for 1 entree /etc when they send a text message of “your restaurant name” to 555444.By doing so, they get directed to our system and join your database for future messaging about other promotions.

Your new customer instantly receives a mobile coupon for your offer or conformation message that they have successfully joined your V.I.P club. The message may include a copy of your menu, mobile coupon, website or phone number to make a reservation,video of delicious meal,maps to your location, etc.

You log into your Rev Mobile Marketing account to view your list of subscribers and send out messages to them whenever you want to promote something like a new menu, a weekly special, big event, or anything you think your customers would like to know about and take advantage of.

The whole process is really only limited to your imagination so think of other creative ways to use our system and watch your sales grow!

Do you want to check out our system ? Text “RESTAURANTS” to 555444 now.

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