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Text Message Marketing For Realtors

Attention Realtors
How would you like more highly qualified leads for your real estate business?
Our mobile marketing system will help get more leads and showcase your properties in a simple,cost effective and green way.

Our system will get leads and will be working for you around the clock day in day out. No more printing costs on fliers, in fact, you’ll never have to refill you flier listings again.

Text “REALTORS” to 555444 right now

Try out a demo of how our system works and see how easy it is to capture leads, showcase your properties and sell more houses and condos. Within seconds, you’ll receive a message which will show you how mobile marketing works and how it can benefit your business.

What information can be showcased?

As much information as you would like to include on your website (or a mobile friendly version of it).We recommend videos and photos,and all the typical information such as square footage, amenities,etc.

How would I integrate mobile for my real estate business?

Once you are set up with your monthly plan, you can choose keywords for each of the properties you would like to list on the mobile network.If you have 10 listings to showcase, you would get 1o keywords and assign one for each property. (Each keyword can be re-assigned once that property is sold) . You could use “HOUSE1” , “HOUSE2” and “HOUSE3” and an example or you could use “123MAINST” to brand it even more to that specific property.

Once you have determined the keywords for each property, you would add a call to action like ” For more info text “123MAINST” to 555444″ on all your promotional material for that property including the For Sale sign in front of that house.

Prospects who drive up and see the for sale sign can text your keyword without even getting out of the car to receive your mobile listing complete with walk though video and pictures. Not only do they have all the listing information in the palm of their hand, but you also have the phone number to follow up with! No wet flier sitting outside on a pole can give you that!

You can change or add to the listing information at any time with no printing charges or running to the property to re-stock. You can do it all from your home or office computer….or even on your cell phone while you’re standing outside of the property! In fact,it only takes 2 minutes to upload a new listing to the system.

*Click mobile real estate listing to view. This site will appear differently on your smart phone than it will in your computer browser as it is optimized to fit the smaller screen of a cell phone.*This is part of the first message that you may send when someone requests more information.

How else can I use this system?

You can be instantly notified that you have a new lead within seconds of someone requesting information.You could follow up immediately with the potential home buyer. How impressive that be for them to receive a phone call from you within minutes of them requesting info.Do you think that might get their attention that you mean business?

Now that you have the phone numbers of a bunch of prospects interested in a specific house, but if the seller of the house happened to lower prices for a faster sale, you could send out a quick message informing everyone that the property they requested more information on has been lowered by $10,000! Do you think that may get someone’s ears to perk up? You betcha! And that only took 30 seconds to send out a message to everyone on your list..or better yet, you can call then because you have their phone number!

What if you had a similar property listing spring up in the same neighborhood? Maybe someone on your list would be interested in that one? Send out a SMS blast to your list! Open house this Sunday? Send out a blast. Get the idea!

Q: I’ve heard a lot about QR Codes lately. Why would I want to use SMS Marketing instead of QR Codes?

A1:While QR Codes can be used to direct people to online information, Smartphones (capable of reading QRCodes) made up only 19 percent of total mobile communications device sales for 2010. Regular cell phones are not capable of reading QR Codes. Those that have smartphones, must first install a QR Code reader, which many are still unaware of.

A2:In order to capture “leads” to build your database with QR Codes, you first need to send someone to a mobile opt in form (instead of just sending them the information or offer promised to them) in order to gather their contact information.Obviously, you want their information so you can contact them with future offers in the future. By adding one more step in the process, you’ll greatly reduce the amount of leads to your database. People want the offer or information promised to them right now, and not after another step.

Benefits to Agent

  • Win more listings by showing home sellers how much further ahead of the competition you are
  • Competitive edge against your competition.Be the first in your office or city to capitalize on mobile
  • Property information is available 24/7
  • Capture the prospects phone # for easy text messaging follow-up — price drops and open houses!
  • Inexpensive, effective information delivery system.
  • Puts your property information in the palm of prospects hands instantly
  • Prospects don’t have to leave their car to get a brochure
  • Update information (e.g., price changes) immediately instead of reprinting brochures
  • Save money on copying brochures and fliers
  • Save time running around refilling brochure boxes
  • Green – no paper, no ink, no driving to refill boxes

Benefits to Buyers

  • Easy to use as it only takes 5 seconds to request property information
  • Instant access to home information and media which can be viewed right on the spot
  • Can be sent a map to property for easier driving directions to property
  • Super convenient and listing info can be forwarded to friend or family member very easily

Agencies can easily save on costs by splitting larger listing packages amongst their agents.

Contracts are strictly month to month so you can cancel at any time…although once you see how well this works, you won’t want to go anywhere.

So how do I get started listing my properties with Rev Mobile Marketing?

Contact us ,create your listings in minutes and get started selling more properties! It’s just that simple!