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Text Message Marketing FAQ’s

Q:What is a “keyword”?

A: A Keyword is the word that you select as the main name for each mobile campaign you use. It could be your business name or  identifying word that is relative to your promotion. An example would be “Starbucks” or “coupon”.  One of ours is text “REV” to 555444 to get a demo if our system.

Q: What is a “short code”?

A: The short code is the number that you text your keyword to in order for a mobile user to opt in to your promotion messaging list. The Short code for Rev Mobile is “555444”

Q: What does it mean to “opt in” or “opt out”?

A: Opt in is when someone texts your keyword into the 555444 short code and subscribes to your ist by requesting your offer. To opt out is to unsubscribe from a list.

Q: How does text message marketing work?

A: In the simplest terms, by promoting your mobile offer (Text “REV” to 555444 to receive a demo of our system) on any in store signage, print marketing, on radio or t.v, website,etc, people will opt in if they are enticed by your offer (usually a coupon,discount limited time offer,VIP status,etc) . You can then message them with further offers or exclusive info. They more your grow your list, the more people you have to further contact for future promotions.

Q: I’m worried about Spam complaints. How can I ensure against this?

A: When someone opts in to receive your initial offer, they are saying it is o.k to message them and therefore, it is not spam when you send them messages. Rev Mobile is compliant with and advocates all Can-Spam regulations for best marketing practices.

Q: Is there a limit to how many messages I can send out in a day?

A: No, there is no limit as to how often you can send out messages to your list, but we recommend only sending messages when you have something like a sale or special event worth promoting. It is o.k to message them as long as you have something of value that they would appreciate receiving. If you were to message your list every day and for no reason,most people will end up unsubscribing, so it is in your best interest to deliver value when you send out a message.

Q: My business already has a email newsletter.Why do I need to use mobile?

A:How many emails do you get per day in your inbox? Do you read all of those? I doubt it. Most of us get far too many emails to keep up with and many of them are junk mail or spam.Your emails may not even make it to their inbox with some of the spam filters out there. 95% of text messages get read within 15 minutes of receiving them. That stat alone is impressive. It makes sense to get into the hands of your customers while they are out on the go during their busy day.

Q: I’ve heard a lot about QR Codes lately. Why would I want to use SMS Marketing instead of QR Codes?

A1:While QR Codes can be used to direct people to online information, Smartphones (capable of reading QRCodes) made up only 19 percent of total mobile communications device sales for 2010. Regular cell phones are not capable of reading QR Codes. Those that have smartphones, must first install a QR Code reader, which many are still unaware of.

A2:In order to capture “leads” to build your database with QR Codes, you first need to send someone to a mobile opt in form (instead of just sending them the information or offer promised to them) in order to gather their contact information.Obviously, you want their information so you can contact them with future offers in the future. By adding one more step in the process, you’ll greatly reduce the amount of leads to your database. People want the offer or information promised to them right now, and not after another step.

Q: I know that I need to use SMS marketing in my business but I’m too busy or don’t want to run the campaigns myself. What can I do?

A: No problem, we can take care of everything for you with our done for you services.

If you have any other questions about the technical side of mobile marketing or how it could work in your business, please feel free to contact us and we will answer all your questions.