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Text Message Marketing Case Studies

Read these text message marketing case studies to help figure out how you can use mobile marketing to grow the profits in your business.

Nightclubs – Have club goers text your bars name to 555444 after seeing “call-to-action” posters in bathrooms,behind the bar and on plasma screens throughout the club. Also mention the subscribing to your “V.I.P list” on your website, club fliers and other form of advertising to “text club name to 555444 to receive exclusive events invites and V.I.P treatment.”

Special promos such as “Ladies show this text at the door to receive complimentary admission for you and a guest by 10 PM”

Restaurants – Send out a limited time 2 for 1 coupon on a slow day or for a special event like Valentine’s or Mother’s Day.Knowing that the whole family will come in on Mother’s Day, send something like “We love our Moms and to celebrate, Moms eat free today.Show text upon arrival” as an example.Click mobile marketing for restaurants for more information.

Trade Shows – Create 2 separate campaigns to message each of your client segment you advertise to.Exhibitors and attendees. By listing each individual keywords on your website,on site signage and other promotions such as radio ads, and print advertising.

For exhibitors-Stand sending messages the few days prior to the event, encouraging to purchase extra staff passes for reduced prices, or to gently remind to load in times,etc.

For attendees-Pre-schedule hourly updates for special events, autograph signings, special appearances, and more.

“Saturday 11am – Master Chef John Ramses shows how to cook cajun on the main stage. Be there!”

By applying some of these mobile marketing case studies in your business ,you will be doing more to enhance your trade show experience for all who attend.

Bakeries – You have fresh bread baked daily and you need to sell out every day. It is 3:30 in the afternoon and you only have a few hours left in the day before you close and still most of your bread inventory for the day. Don’t want to throw it out at 6 pm? Send out a blast for “1/2 price when you come in and buy 2 or more loaves. Today only until closing time”. Looks like you just sold out. No more waiting to place an ad in the paper. this is instant.

Bands – Send updates to your mobile fan club keeping them up to date on concert dates, album release dates, band trivia, or deals on merchandise or concert tickets. Run a “text to win” campaign and give away merchandise to help grow your list.

Concert promotersInform concert goers of upcoming shows and touring bands coming to town. Offer backstage passes to the first few people who text your keyword during a concert. Ticket sales slow for an upcoming show just days away? Send out a mobile coupon for 25% off up until the door opens.

Marathons or other sporting events – Text “Race” to 555444 and automatically sign up for the big race next weekend”. All the start times and preparation information can be sent out to all racers in a blast message.

Groups or organizations / families or parties– Have a big group and heading out for the day or a weekend getaway? Pre-schedule messages updating everyone where they need to be and when. “The bus is leaving from outside the front doors at 5pm sharp. Be there 10 min early for a head count”. Later that evening, send other messages “After the movie we are booking into our hotel rooms.” Here are everyone’s room #’s and itinerary for the morning”.

Real Estate Agents – Someone drives up to a beautiful property and notices the call to action on the “for sale” sign telling them they can view a video tour of their dream home if they simply text “123MainSt” to 555444.They do so and within seconds get a message with a link to video the video and the phone number of the selling agent. Within seconds they have all the property information in the palm of their hands and just as fast the agent has received notification via text AND email that she has a new lead. She calls the potential home buyer within minutes and sets up an appointment to view the property the following day.

The selling agent can now broadcast messages to her list when she has an important announcement such as a drop in price, an open house or a new listing in the same neighborhood.

Utilizing this cutting edge mobile marketing will help you stand out from the crowd and give you extra points and could result in more selling listings.

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The thing to realize is that it can be any size of business that has success with mobile marketing, not just massive organizations. It works extremely well for all sizes of business in all sorts of industries.

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