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Mobile Websites

Mobile websites are something every business needs to stay competitive in 2011 and beyond.

Chances are that your business’ website is not properly optimized to be viewed on mobile devices.Don’t feel bad…the majority of websites aren’t. If that’s the case, then you don’t have to worry about making yours mobile friendly then, right?


According to Google, 61% of website visitors will not return if they had issues viewing it on their phone and 40% will immediately leave if your site if is not properly formatted for mobile devices.

Can your business afford to lose that much traffic? We think not.

Take a look at these stats and see just how important mobile websites are to your business.

  • 85% of mobile devices will be web enabled by 2011
  • 1/3 of mobile searches have local intent
  • mobile search has grown by 400% in the last year
  • 59% visit a local store after searching it on the mobile web
  • 30% of restaurant searches are from mobile devices
  • 79% of consumers use smart phones to help with shopping
  • 70% use the mobile web to help their shopping while in the store
  • 54% use the mobile web to find a retailer
  • 49% use the mobile web to compare prices
  • 48% use mobile websites to get promotions and coupons on their phones
  • 44% use mobile websites to read reviews and compare products
  • 35% of mobile users purchase items on their smart phones from mobile websites

Can you afford NOT to be taking advantage of these trends?

These numbers are only going to climb as searches on the mobile web are expected to outpace desktop browsing by 2014.

So why mobile websites? What’s wrong with a regular site?

Your regular website has too much stuff on it. Too many images, too much flash,too much of everything. That causes sites to load much slower on mobile browsers.

The buttons and links are too small to click on and the page needs to be scrolled up and down and side to side to view content.

Mobiles websites need to be user friendly and have only the necessary information on the site. Business name, phone number, a map to your location and other important info such as menus and general product information.

All of our mobile websites are designed with your marketing needs in mind.

Here are a few mobile websites built using our website builder.

Mobile website designers Vancouver

The mobile web is exploding. Is your business going to stay ahead of the pack, or try and play catchup in the years to come? The choice is yours…

Contact Rev Mobile today and we’ll get mobile websites up and running so you can get more sales and more traffic from the mobile web.

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