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Growing Your Text Message Database

There are a number of ways to grow your text message marketing database and the easy answer is to post your text message “call to action” everywhere that you possibly can.

I would make sure to include it on:

  • your website
  • your social media accounts
  • your business cards
  • flyers / postcards
  • any places that you advertise such as newspaper ads / Valpak / radio ads
  • phone directories
  • in-store signage (change rooms,by cash register, on tables,etc)
  • sandwich board signage

Other less obvious places to post it would be:

  • on hold message
  • email signature
  • t-shirts of staff members / waitresses

Now you know where to place your text message call to action, it is a good idea to make sure that all of your staff is behind you and promoting your VIP list as much as they can. The more they get people to sign up, the greater the chances to drive more foot traffic and increase repeat business!

For signage, something like :

“Like what we do? Then join our mobile V.I.P group by texting WORD to 555444 to get notifications on your phone whenever we have mobile coupons or special events.”

Or you can get specific by informing your customers exactly what they’re going to get by tacking action.

“Hungry for savings? Simply text WORD to 555444 and save 20% off your next purchase of…”

If you want to supercharge you list building, the incentivize your staff and run a contest and see which staff member can get the most people to sign up in a week / month. Make sure to reward them for doing a great job. Remember, you mobile list is money in the bank, so spend some time teaching the importance of why you’re doing this and how it can benefit your business to your staff.

Want to be extra creative? Call us now and let’s brainstorm on ways to grow your mobile VIP list for maximum profitability!