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Business Types That Need Mobile Websites

So what kinds of businesses need a mobile site?

The easy answer is all of them, but let’s dive in a little deeper and figure out what are the best uses of a mobile website and why a business would need one.

What is it that people are doing when they are out and about and on the go? They might be:

  • looking for your directions to your business
  • trying to call you to ask a specific question
  • want to find out if something is in stock
  • hoping to book a reservation
  • seeing what your business hours are
  • be needing immediate assistance
  • research you / products / services

Any local business in which people come to your location needs a mobile website. This includes:

Restaurants (30% of mobile searches are done for restaurants). This is an absolute must!

Retail stores – Any and every one should have one. People are looking for your location / hours / ph#

Service based industries that need a mobile site:

Plumbers – a customer has leaky pipes and doesn’t have time to grab a phonebook or run upstairs to the computer.Their phone is within 3 feet

Electricians – the power is out at home and no computer internet access. Phones still work.

Locksmiths – a customer is locked outside of their car / home and needs to get in

Taxi and limo companies – people are out at the airport / shopping mall / grocery store and need a ride but don’t know wo to call.

It’s not a matter of if you need to get a mobile website for your business but when. As more and more people are searching online with a mobile device, it is going to be an absolute necessity. My question to you is, do you want to catch up to the rest of your competition 6-12 months from now or lead the pack?

One way to find out if you absolutely need one right now is to have a look at your website analytics and see just how much traffic you are getting from mobile devices. You can also see of that mobile traffic that you are getting, how quickly are they leaving your website? If it is under 30 seconds, then it’s a high probability they are leaving because it is not a user friendly experience for the visitor.

Another thing to think about is how much is the value of 1 customer?

Every potential customer that leaves your website because of a bad user experience is probably continuing their search and will end up buying from a competitor?

Can you afford to lose out on that much business? Probably not.

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